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After that he came to cool and convinced me that he wanted to go on London for vocation. In this same time he brought some another papers. I discharged from the hospital a week after i came to my house.

I think that i don’t know what time i am going to die. They have mentioned in their website that ‘”Andhra Jyothi has such greatly committed, well-groomed, exceedingly professional soldiers” Such big abmitioned orgasnisation should seems to be non professional. Due to some circumstance, totally my life is spoiled in Kuwait because of my sponsor created anhdrajyothi problems against me. The land which is under construction comes under the pond. Meanwhile i anndhrajyothi doing business with my Sponsor.

If you give me and permit me to do the work in andhhrajyothi other company by the support of your ministry, i will do the work and i will clear the amount of KD 2, for my sponsor. I must come back to India for getting medical treatment and surgery.

I went to the hospital to remove the operation stitching and also for medical check up. Retrieved from ” https: Andra Jyoti paper is well andhrajhothi corrupted new paper and all so new chanal, please request sir. He brought some Arabic written and some plain papers.

ABN Andhra Jyothi – Wikipedia

We have given mail to andhrajyothi editor take proper action against paper agent, but they failoed do so I don’t have residence permit also from the period of to till today. Shopping Zone Orange TV. I wish to submit a few lines for your consideration and needful help through your.


Iam epapeg to avoid such thing for money Finally i went with my lawyer to wajaratal shoon in hawalli for my releasing my pending salary to file the case on my sponsor.

I wonder Rajashekar is best suited for foreteller than a film actor or a politician. If you do favor for me, it will be very useful for my life. I clearly and strongly informing you that the place in which the hotel is constructing is with out permission of the authorities.

This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat The petitioner said that Andhra Jyothy had been collecting funds from citizens which they promised will be used for their maintenance. But they said that i have to pay my Spenser K D 2, then only i can able to leave from here. We offer the following loans category: Weoffer Loans to individuals, Firms and other cooperate bodies who are inneed of financial help or assistant at a reduced interest rate.

ABN Andhra Jyothi

Still i am suffering financially, mentally, physically unsatisfied due to lake of my residence-permit. We are loosing the confidense such news eapper They really dont know about the conditions in Andhra Pradesh. Thank you very much for all your help and co-operation.

So again i was admitted in the hospital dated on for the operation.

You know every thing about my situation. Both of my sisters also financially suffering due to lack of income. After that my sponsor came to my house and told me to withdraw his case and he said that he will remove andhrajyothj KD2, case and give release for me. Meanwhile, my sponsor filed the case under the court in Kuwait for past 5 years.


Andrajyothi physical condition is very bad and i don’t have job, i cont go anywhere without money. Due to the language problem, i could not understand that time.

andhrajyothy Archive

I have to relief from the bad condition. The neutrality of this article is disputed. U TV Action Telugu. E;aper of my bad situation the hospital management discharged me without any payment. I can give u all the proofs regarding this issue.

Through this message i wish to inform you that kindly take steps to relieve me from Kuwait and also for my brightful future. HyderabadTelangana StateIndia. But he took all of my signed papers he went out.

Your Rating 1 star is bad, 5 stars is good. Doctor told me that the operation was failure. For the past four years i am suffering with financially, physically, mentally. They said the reason my case still in the court and its andhrzjyothi came to conclusion. During that same period some of another office owners Kuwaitis told me to file the case on my sponsor.

These are all the God only knows. As a Middle class man, I alone can’t fight with out the support of andhrajyyothi.

The major achievement of this channel is to expose the Governor of Andhra Pradesh ND Tiwari sex scandal leading to his resignation from the post of the Governor.

Everyday i am also crying due to my bad situation. Moreover, i have already informed about my situation to the Honorable chief Minister Mr.